John C Barber

Co-Founder / Chief Advisor

John C Barber, Eur. Ing., C.Eng., FEI., M.I.gas E. (A European Engineer and member of FEANI [European Federation of National Engineering Institutions (Paris)] he is also a British Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Energy Institute.). John has been in the Oil, Gas & Energy Industry all his working life. Originally working with British Gas, where he started as an apprentice and ultimately reached the position of Head of Maintenance. These were the pioneering days of North Sea Gas and Oil and many of the Practices, Procedures & Standards which are adopted today were developed during those early years.

John’s academic qualifi¬cations include a specialty in Combustion Engineering and particularly Turbines, and it was for this reason that he was offered a position with Rolls Royce as a Development Engineer on the design team for the ‘Concorde’ Aero Project. During his period with Rolls Royce he was offered the opportunity to work offshore in the North Sea, by TOTAL. He continued to work for many years with TOTAL in various parts of the world. His knowledge base is spread across almost all areas of the industry, from Exploration & Drilling, Rig Design, Process Engineering, Inspection, Production, Maintenance, Training, and Projects to Construction, Installation, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Hook-up and Start-up. His introduction to the Middle-East was in Qatar, and it was here that he joined Aquatic Engineering & Construction working for BP/Arco on the Al Rayyan field in 1999.

During this period he was involved with several successfully completed Subsea Engineering Projects. John then moved on to work in Myanmar for Premier Oil in the Development of the Yetagon Field onshore Yangon. His responsibility was to put together a Management Organization for the Production of Gas & Condensate on behalf of Aquatic Engineering and Construction. Once up and running the organization was handed over to a Management team within the Aquatic Engineering Organization.

John again returned to Qatar to develop support for various Oil & Gas Operators in the country. Here, many of the features of the original contracts laid down at that time are still in place today. When Aquatic Engineering and Construction was sold to a business group in UK, John decided to leave to pursue his ambition to create a unique offshore operations support company. With this in mind, IRM Offshore Services was born.